How to Throw the Ultimate Galentine's Party

It's one of my favorite months out of the year! Everything is filled with sweet hearts and lots of love and lots of pink. I finally decided to host my first bracelet making workshop in my Tequesta, Fl Studio! This is something I have been wanting to do for years but let fear get in the way. I really don't like speaking in front of crowds even if it was only 10 ladies, I wasn't sure if teaching how to make beaded bracelets or gold chain necklaces would be more fun and how would I make it fun?! I decided to just go for it and cross off "Do something that scares you" off my 2020 goals and I am SO happy I did! 

how to throw ultimate galentines party

I love designing and marketing our jewelry line but I also love that my studio space allows me to have an extension of my brand where I can support other small businesses by having them in and host their own creative workshops! I've had Flower & Fringe in where Halle taught us how to design our own floral bouquet, Sweets by Milka who showed us the art of cookie decorating (they were delicious!) and Palms and Paper who trained us on calligraphy basics and we all made our own ornament around Christmas time. We really can benefit and impact so many others by supporting each other. 

beaded word bracelets alexandra gioia

One of the top jewelry trends right now are these beaded name and word bracelets. I began offering a few words like, LOVE, XOXO and MAMA when I initially launched out Valentine's Collection. I got a HUGE amount of requests for custom names to be put on their bracelets. All the mama's want to wear their little one's names or someone really special to them on their wrist. I figured this would be the perfect thing to teach and all the girl's could customize their own bracelet to say whatever inspirational word or name they wanted. 

How to Display the Beads
I ordered some cute Heart Dishes and used some of my fave Anthropologie Bowls to hold the beads. Dalmatian Jasper, Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Jade, and cutie little letters filled the dishes. To avoid the beads running all over the place, I bought some inexpensive felt sheets from Michaels. The girls used these to lay out their beading patterns before adding them to the stretch cord. Also when using small beads, I highly recommend using a Big Eye Needle to add the beads to the cord. They go on so much easier! You can shop my Jewelry Making Essentials HERE.

heart shaped bowl amazon
how to host beaded bracelet workshop galentines

Sips, Snacks + Decor

I picked up some bubbly from Trader Joe's. I'm not a huge champagne drinker but a friend told me about their RSVP bubbly - it's under $10 a bottle and perfect for entertaining on a budget. I added pink "Yay" glitter stir sticks to these reusable wine glasses I grabbed on Amazon. I used to buy plastic wine glasses from the Dollar Store for events but these are great because I can wash them and stack them (they click in place) until my next event!

I adore our local bakery Alaina's Cafe + Bake Shoppe. She's a mama herself so I was happy to have her delicious cupcakes for the girls. She also has an amazing Breakfast and Lunch Menu - get the Spartan! 

alainas cupcakes northlake

Who else is loving balloon backdrops right now? I reached out to local boss babe + balloon stylist Poppy Party Palm Beach to design a valentines-y backdrop for the workshop. I loved that all the girls instantly gravitated towards it for photos.

balloon garland palm beach party

Goodie Bags
These don't need to be expensive! I picked up these bags + tissue paper from the Dollar Store and all the goodies inside were kindly donated by local boss babes. Each gal who came to the workshop got their own Galentine's Goodie Bag with a $15 Gift Card to one of my favorite local spots for sushi - Hog Snappers, a beautiful handmade scrunchie by Inspired by M Designs and seriously yummy cookies with pink and red M&M's from The Palm Beach Baker!

After all of that, what's a party if there are no photos of it? My sweet friend Eve Greendale of Palm Beach Creative shot these photos of our Galentine's Beads + Bubbles event! 

beaded bracelet workshop alexandra gioia

I had so much fun putting this event together and all the girls really enjoyed having an afternoon to themselves to get creative. They did such a great job I joked that I wanted to hire all of them.

Alexandra Gioia featured in Palm Beach Illustrated's Holiday Gift Guide

This is the second time my jewelry has been featured in our local magazine that celebrates the Palm Beach lifestyle, Palm Beach Illustrated! This time Lifestyle Blogger Alyson Seligman of The Modern Savvy talked about how much she loves our Sophie Earrings and now loves to gift them since she got so many compliments on her own. That makes so so happy to not only hear that from someone else but see it published in a magazine.

I adore these ultra lightweight statement earrings! They can really pull together an outfit which is what I love most about them. As a busy mama of two I love throwing on jeans and a tee (or usually cut off shorts because it's so hot here in Jupiter, Fl) and tie the whole look together with some statement earrings! You can shop them and similar rattan earrings here

5 Ways to Stay Productive Working From Home

Welcoming a new baby to our family has been such a blessing and like with our first, I'm learning as I go. It's been a much easier transition for me going from 1 to 2. He kind of just fits into my routine with Olivia and thankfully he's been a much easier baby than Olivia was but it can be really frustrating those days you feel like you're spinning your wheels and can't get anything done! I wanted to share a few things that have been helpful while adjusting to two kiddos and running my jewelry business. Hopefully they will inspire you! 

1. Get Dressed for the Day - I went from a corporate job where I had to be up, dressed and at work by a certain time each day. After I had Olivia that all changed and I had to figure out how to fill our days. I could stay in my pajamas all day if I wanted to but I'm just not the type of person who can be productive in my pjs. Some days I go to the gym in the morning and the other days I don't I get up, put on make up and get dressed for the day early in the morning. That way I can be ready for wherever that day takes us. Someone may have a last minute birthday gift they need to pick up at the studio or I may get an invite to go out to lunch later in the day so I always like to be ready for whatever the day may throw at me. 

2. Listen to Podcasts - Olivia is accustomed to being rocked to sleep and won't have it any other way. It's inevitable that as soon as I get one down for a nap, the other one wakes and vice versa - definitely the most stressful part of my day because I sooo long for a little time to be hands free. I know I shouldn't have to do this but it keeps me sane and gives mama a little break! That being said, I have been getting all of us in the car around her usual nap time (12:30/1pm) and taking a little drive while listening to a podcast. This puts Olivia to sleep and I'm able to transfer her to her toddler bed when we get home. I am hands free and feel productive while I'm driving. My favorite is the Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher! She has hundreds of episodes on topics to choose from - literally something for everyone, not just business owners!  My faves are marketing related like tips on growing your email list, embracing Instagrams ever changing algorithm, how to structure your work day, etc. I'm able to get Olivia to nap which gives me a little break from her at home and I still felt productive learning new marketing tips from the podcast at the same time. Find yourself a podcast you love and you'll have something to look forward to while you're driving or you can even do this on a stroller walk!

3. Accept Help - I've been dropping my three year old off at Grandma's in the morning and head over to the studio for an hour or two with Landon to try to design + make jewelry and fulfill online orders. This is where I have learned to go with the flow. Going with the flow isn't something that comes naturally to me. Since having kids, I've learned I need structure to my day or I go crazy. Sometimes he sleeps the whole time and I get loads of work done and others I am nursing him on the couch and have to hold him the whole time which means I don't get any work done because my hands are literally full. If you have help, take a willing family member or trusted friend up on watching your kiddo. 

4. Make a To-Do List - This is a no brainer, right? Instead of dreaming of all the things you could do when you have a few free minutes, write it down! My thoughts are in my head one minute and gone the next and half the time when I do finally get a break I am all over the place contemplating what I should do first! I HAVE to write things down otherwise I forget whatever ideas I had. 

5. Schedule Your Social Media Posts - Gone are the days of when I would post something on Instagram or Facebook in real time. I just don't have the time for it and I prefer to post at the same time each day. After attending the Create Cultivate Conference, many of the bloggers on stage talked about using the social media planning app called Planoly! It's free and I've been using it ever since! You can upload a bunch of photos to see how they look on your feed and add your captions as they pop into your head.

Sometimes I have to force myself to step back and remind myself that it's OK to not do everything. That laundry that needs to be washed will still be there tomorrow and we have plenty of clean clothes to wear. The important thing I keep reminding myself is my babies will be off to school one day and I won't be needed in the way they need me now. It all goes by too quickly as everyone says. You got this mama!